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This websites purpose is to PROMOTE a $300 Billion CLASE ACTION SUITE, against ‘The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind” – the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960.¡¡

Web Site detailed Subject Matter



One cannot fully appreciate the depth of the purpose for such a Class Action Suit against Insurance Corporation of British until a complete subject list of the developing topics can garner disclosure from Victims. A staring point, in exposing such a vast ICBC EMPIRE, will eventually culminate in overwhelming number of subjects and be the key as to why there needs to be a very serious and detailed exposure of the Illegal Practices of ICBC (Under the ‘Protection Act of British Columbia). All victims are INVITED to Expand on these Topics as well as develop new ones.

Here is a staring point for the subjects to be covered:


ICBC Act of British Columbia

ICBC Empire

ICBC Net Zero operations

ICBC Insurance Obligations

ICBC Obligations to Victims

ICBC failure to Comply with the ‘Laws of the Land’

ICBC training of Personnel

ICBC Personnel Conduct


ICBC Lawyers Practices (internal)

ICBC Ctrontracted Lawyers

ICBC Contracted Doctors

ICBC Court Relations

ICBC Court Financing

ICBC Bribe practices

ICBC Extortion


The causes, for this action, are well known Publically and to all LAWYERS, as an already admitted result of Criminal intent by ICBC (Protected under the “Protection Act of British Columbia”) to defraud claiments of full Compensation through and by well known practices of Judicail interference, Criminal Acts, Social Injustices, Discrimination, Contract(or) Control of the Judiciary (including the Law Corporation) and Medical Corporations, and directives to The Court, to ¡®Hold Down financial claims amounts in Judgements¡¯, from the Attorney General and the Ministry directed to the Supreme Courts of British Columbia (flasely claiming ¡®Independence¡¯) in the past more than 30 years of Inadequate Judical Settlements.

All the supportive documentation will come from actual cases, including this creators case, that will prove out every part of the following Subject Introductions! This will also include the cases of BRIBERY, COLUSION, and CRIMINAL ACTS OF THEFT of personnal and corporate documentation and the actual amounts of money paid to named persons, to illegally acquire documentation that were broken Confidentiality Agreements with those persons who committed these acts.

There will be additional sections on the ICBC links to Organized Crime and the subject of Aiding and Abetting Crime. This subject is very well known to the Public – as reported by the News Media! Within these reportings, it is also noteworthy to remember that No Criminal Charges could be laid, against ICBC and its Employees, as the British Columbia Government has Legislated protection from Charges being laid and subsequent Prosecution for these associated Criminal Acts.

This $300 Billions, developing, and ultimately, Federal Class Action suite, monitarily, is only a fraction of the amount that has been abusively used and transfered from ICBC, in the past more than 30 years, to the British Columbia Government General Operating Accounts (and other BC MINISTRIES), more than 30% funding of the British Columbia Judiciary (creating ¡®Conflict of Interest¡¯), and bought up large amounts of Corparate Real Estate ¨C after the committment, from its inception, to be Non-Profit and financially neutral in all its BC Provincially controlled operations.

This action is being initiated under all The Charter Rights and Freedoms, Legal Rights to Independant Judicail Practices, Right to full independant and Individual Medical assestments – having no ‘conflict of interest’. Contract Doctors and Lawyers to ICBC, have been the main cause for failing to impartially represent thousands of ICBC claiments in the past more than 30 years.

This site, promoting this devloping $300 Billion, ultimately, Federal Class Action Suite, includes exposing the past practices of ICBC in Social and Personal interference (Flasified Character Assassination) of and to Claiments for the purpose of carry out Criminal Intent to Defraud claiments by presenting false and incomplete Character and Personality Reports, false Medical Reports, Private Investigators Criminal Harrassment and false Testimony, and the proliferation of intent to destroy human life by “Divide and Conquer”, “Survival of the Fittest (animalistic)” practices against the Families of ICBC Victims.

This site will be dedicated to fully presenting the detailed conduct of ICBC’s Judicial control and manipulation in order expose all of the Illegal practices outside of thier protection under the British Columbia “Protection Act” which is in viloation of the Chartered Rights of ALL Canadians Federally!

This site will ultimately seek to encourage those Lawyers, who recognize all of the illegal practices of ICBC, to step up to thier sworn oath to fully and truthfully, Professionally and Ethically, represent these clients in this ,ultimately, Federal Class Action Suit. This site will also seek to promote writers to step up to thier profession and prepare and publish Newspaper Investigative Reporting, and ultimately write a book with the intent to expose what ICBC has illegally practiced in violation of the Canadian ¡®Charter of Rights and Freedoms¡¯.

The massive amount of documentation is being presented in support of those victims of ICBC, in an effort to give them VOICE in these postings under the numerous SUBJECTS being setup.

To begin the presentation of the Facts in regard to the well known illegal practices of ICBC, there must also be included, the Statements from Senior Level practicing Lawyers.¡¡

Legal Representation by Lawyers – QUESTIONABLE!


The most common of all the statements that is presented to the unsuspecting client, by lawyers, is the one “There is no such thing as Justice in BC Courts when it involves ICBC claims – amongst many other Civil and Criminal Cases!”

Another statement, often made with their lawyers cap laid on the desk, is that “ICBC has illegally established case law founded on flasified evidence”, and “The client has little or no recourse to fight this Injustice given the Power of ICBC over the entire Judiciary Law of Precedence “. It is noteworhty to recognize ICBC that has committed to an ongoing Criminal Act in defiance of the Laws of BC and Canada!

“ICBC control of the Judiciary stretches deep and wide over many associated Professional Disciplines – referred to as Friends of the Court”, is yet another shocking Lawyers factual statement.

“The Judiciary has given ICBC a very wide berth in practices, that any Ctizens committing the same act would put them in prison for several years”, stated by lawyers and para-legal personel.

A statement often made by lawyers in the introduction to new clients, “Lawyers will no longer prepare cases, as it is just to exhaustive a job and it is left up to Para-Legal staff who are often under studies of Law”, supported by the statement “ICBC has the great advantage of known preferred Judges and can request Judges to sit on what they may falsely claim are high level cases”. They will prepare a false scenario to the Chief Justices Judges Scheduling Staff in support of the request for preferred Judges appointment to cases.

“No one person, can obtain a fair and equitable settlement in any ICBC claim, when a lawyer stands up to represent his clients and ICBC has access to Judiciary Lawyers as a precedence”, stated by lawyer to client, backed by the statement that “The odds against a fair Judgement are simply to enormous, to present any client case, when ICBC has an army of highly preferred and paid Lawyers and Doctors (Contractors), amongst many other Professions, that create an unfair, illegal, advantage”.

In the course of Clients Lawyer relations, Lawyers may often fail (with intent) to fully represent the client and drop the client citing all manner of excuses. These are often found to have origins from the beginning of the legal obligation to representation, and the Lawyer eventually cites ‘Conflict of Interest’ with respect to their relations with ICBC, when he knew this from the beginning. It is often a tactic used to destroy a case and client (Victim).

Lawyers may also admit that ICBC is financing the existance of a clent file as a billing process. This fact has occurred many times where Pro-Bono cases are meant to fail the client. This causes a lot of stress upon the client as does the fact that Lawyers only stand up in Court representing a person in body but not in the intended pratice of the ‘Lawyers Oath to Practice’ full Representaion of a Client – note the word FULL. This requirement is simply not practiced all the time – the client is left with no Legal Representation at critical times in a ICBC claim. Once again the Judges, in full knowlege that this has and is happening, do nothing to put and end to this Illegal Lawyer Practice.

Lawyers, who are friends of ICBC, without the clients(Victim) knowledge, will often drag the case out till ICBC has the full upper hand (in most cases many Illegal pratices), and then give the Lawyer a settlement figure prepared by ICBC, to be presented to the client. In addition to this fact, the figure is outragiously inadiquate, and the Lawyer will tell the client that ‘this is all he can hope to receive and it is in his best interest to accept’. Legally, this is a Fraudulent Practice by ICBC, which happens in the majority of cases. Again, all is quoted by Professionals, that know of this practice by the entire Insurance Industry.

There are numerous books written on the subject of the Illegal and treacherous behaviour of the Insurance Industry – to which ICBC has received the full and ongoing training from this Industry. All victims should read a good number of these books publically available – written by members of the Insurance related Professions such as Doctors.



Medical Practices in Insurance Claims – QUESTIONABLE!


The Medical Specialists and General Practicioners have also spoken out loudly, much to the deaf ears of the Judiciary, regarding the practices of False Medical Reports by the Insurance Industries Contract Doctors. There is no case in which ICBC has fully presented all the true and correct medical reports to the Judiciary, as it is not in its best financial interest. Only a few JUDGES have caught on to this practice and only give ICBC the slap on the wrist for such ‘Contempt of Court’ conduct.

There is a much related fact that many of these false reports are made over and over again by ICBC preferred General and Specialist Doctors who have received very large cumulative sums (payoffs) annually to write thier flase reports in Court Friendly Language – designed to greatly reduce the severity of a serious, often deliberately mis-diagnosed, medical condition.¡¡

Remember,’The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia was created to operate in violation of all the Canadian and Provincial laws’, that all Canadian Citizens (and VICTIMS) are bound too.

The much needed full medical examination, is extremely questionable when using X-rays and CT scans, a long known fact, as they do little or anything to reveal serious Soft Tissue Injuries. Insurance Corporation of BC has full control over making sure that Doctors DO NOT recommend MAGNETIC RESOLUTION IMAGING (MRI) as this would open up the biggest Pandoras Box to full and larger claims for ‘Loss of Quality’ of life that involves the inability to hold any job to sustain an adequate income in support such ‘Quality of Life’.

Further to this, Doctors use a plethora of neglegent excuses and lies about the capability and use of CT Scans with regard to soft tissue permanent damage, and even structural bone damage, in order to follow the ICBC medically imposed reports style – if they wish to remain on the financial preferred Contracting List. Later in this WEB site’s it will be revealed ‘in verbally stated detail’ by a renouned top Specialist now practicing at Royal Columbia Hospital, a preferred Rhumetology Doctor by ICBC, as to why there are simply no more specialistrs who will stand up for thier Professional Practices aginst such defiant corruption imposed by the ICBC attack, on reputable Doctors, in thier control of COURT CASES.

Judges are required to prevent such vicious and Uprofessional Conduct of Lawyers in the court room, but they simply refuse uphold the ‘Code of Barons Conduct’, to stop this kind of reprehensable conduct! This known fact alone,’prevents higly qualified doctors from being involved with ICBC victims, as they do not want to waste thier valuble time, to be maliciously attacked by Corrupt ICBC LAWYERS in a ICBC Court Contolled environment!

This site will persue the avenue of having Victims present similiar evidence and the results of the tragic outcome that have completely destroyed thier lives – through and by malicious Uprofessional and Unethical Conduct of Doctors and Lawyers that have failed to fully represent thier ‘clients’.

Any such conduct is fully reportable as a right within ‘The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada'( the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960. This also is a right under the ‘Whistle Blowers Act’ that is not supported by Lawyers and Doctors full disclosure in Contractual obligation



Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Government, has intentionally practices Criminal Acts, which all lawyers know, that is in ‘it’s best financial interests’. In summary, those are the simplest words that define Intentional Criminal Acts to deny all claimants, the right to full and just SETTLEMENTS!

When a victim is a witness to monetary bribery to destroy Evidence, Character/Personality, and Family, with intentions of Judicial Interference brought on by ICBC BRIBES and Guarantees, engaging persons associated to claims by forced Court Action, it amounts to CORRUPTION on the part of this Corporation.

Typical case like this can be simply described in detail as paying $10,000.00 to a known person to the victim, with a guarantee that the victim will lose everything to a FIXED Judgement from an additional imposed Court Case in favour of ICBC’s ‘financial Interest’ as a method to deny full and impartial compensation for a victim of a severe accident!

ICBC works the weak links in families to get thier personal financial interest quaranteed through the entire JUDICAL PROCESS! All of this is often fully described in detail by Lawyers who “Know this goes on ALL the time”, and Judges are the BIGGEST PROBLEM as they fully represent thier financil interest in and with predetermined, or bought, Financial Interests with ICBC as a “Respected Institution of impecable credential” – the ‘BIG LIE’!

One does not have to look far and wide to associate ICBC with Criminal Gangs, when the Public is made aware of the words “CHOP SHOPS” – gang relations. There are several certified Auto Shops that are well known to the RCMP as being involved with Stolen Vehicle Chop Shops, that use these parts to repair vehicle throughout British Columbia and other Provinces, that ICBC puts on a preferred list of Parts Use to repair, to ICBC costs interest, repairable vehicles at thier many other CERTIFIED SHOPS!

As of the last few years, many of these shops have been raided by RCMP, as they have engaged in using these shops for other criminal acts – such as GROW-OPS! Even after this has happened, as many such cases can be cited, these shops remain in operation, or persons owning these Chop Shops – without any charges laid! Remember, that if you are a Contractor, by agreement, with ICBC, you also fall under the “Protection Act of British Columbia”!

Vehcile Registrations, have been the target of “the phone call” (related to these Certified Shops), that has Vehcile descriptions and Damage reports, falsified and referred to later as Clerical Errors when caught by yet many other victims of ICBC EMPIRE in ‘Conflict of financial Interests’!

This Web Site is about officially exposing and bringing to together Victims and IMFORMATION (further evidence) in accordance with the ultimate goal of ‘CLASS ACTION against ICBC for a small portion of the money they have denied in VICTIMS CLAIMS! ICBC has been systematically taken Insurance Policies and funded its EMPIRE to support the British Columbia Government, It’s own inner financail interests, and much more, while practicing criminal intent to deny fair settlements.

Many other Professions, run and controlled by the BC Government, have suffered the exact same fate, but with the exception that they get to live normal lives while ICBC Accident Victims have no choice but to suffer with horrible medical conditions as a result of horrific life destroying accidents – forced to accept fractions (1/10,1/100, 1/1000) of full, required, and unhibited settlements! Yes this website webmaster is one of you – the many out weighted by the few greedy wealthy POWER HUNGRY ONE PERCENT !!!

Hopefully this site will be constantly upgraded daily, so STAY TUNED!


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